Magnum MI5

The Magnum Mi5 is a powerful electric mountain bike with wide trail tires and an aggressive looking beautiful design. The Mi5 is an electric mountain bicycle with an integrated 36V/13Ah li-ion battery housed in the downtube of the bicycle. This sleek design provides for complete stability while riding, even weight distribution, and a forward-thinking integration of bike tech.

The electric system comes with a 350W Swiss 8fun planetary motor peaking at 500W of power. 22 MPH top speed with pedal assist and 20 Mph with throttle only.

The 36V/13Ah li-ion battery system is powered by Samsung and provides up to 40 miles of range per charge and over 2,000 charge cycles.

Watch the third-party review by Court from Electric Bike Review.

Download the Magnum MI5 Electric Bike User Manual

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